Day 2 – Zeeuws Championship Underwater Photography

I have send the pictures for the Zeeuws Championship Underwater Photography to the jury. Check, done!

This morning we left really early to Zeeland to go and have a nice dive, taking pictures to compeed in the Zeeuws Championship under water photography.

We did 2 dives and I have been busy taking pictures for the competition.
The rules for the competition I am participating in are very straight forward. At the beginning of the day, al competitiors receive an assignment.
Today’s assignment was take a picture of yourself. This picture has to be as first picture on your sd-card in the camera.
Further instructions… enjoy your day and take pictures under water.

The new camera (Olympus Pen-7) is working perfect! Lucky me! That would have been a problem if it was not! 🙂

We were home around 17:00 hrs and after eating some diner we started reviewing the pictures. It did not take long to select the pictures I wanted to enter in the competition!
I finished up imediatly by sending the selected pictures to the jury.

Thank you Aquashot for organizing this competition! I had a lot of fun today and i’m very curious to who will win!
We will have to wait quite some time to know who the winner is, because that is being reveiled on September 30th at the Aquashot meeting.