Training, training and more training and the GUE-fundamentals training?

We both like and value to continue learning. Especially where it concerns diving, but the GUE-fundamentals training, that seems to us as over our heads.
That is why we have done a 2 day training (May 28th and 29th) with Sander Evering from Dive Solutions.
Our training contained parts of the GUE-Fundamentals training that we want to learn now.
We are very interested in the GUE-Fundamentals training, but with Marcel’s shoulders and my neckproblems it is the question if the intire fundamentalstrainig will be possible.
Dedication is not the issue, commitment and mindset are there. Lets see if our bodies are going to comply!

The provided training was very straining, fun and wel brought together. You really see that Sander enjoys working with enthousiastic divers.
This training is very valuable! Now it is up to us to work with what we have learned and secretely prepare for the Fundamentals ( 🙂 ).

Do you want to know more on the GUE Fundamentals training or on our training?
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