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This is for me a way to share my hobby.Welcome to Diving Angelbut when you add light... it' s amazing!Some things don't look special under water...To see beautiful thingsI don't have to travel far

Welcome to Diving Angel

This is for me a way to share my hobby.

By use of this website I am able to give you a look in my world.

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Some things don't look special under water...

but when you add light... it' s amazing!

Because you are under water, color is lost in your view. But with the flashes, I am able to add light and color!

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I don't have to travel far

To see beautiful things

Even as close by as our own Zeeland provides amazing animals.

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The Netherlands

Diving in The Netherlands is really very beautifull. Every time when I tell someone I dive in The Netherlands, people look at me like a have a fever! Really, diving here can be so beautifull and yes challenging. Diving here is not always diving under perfect conditions, it is sometimes diving with almost no visibility. But positive as…


Diving in Bali is amongst other things mugdiving. Which means diving for small animals and even smaller animals. Sometimes you find (or the guide finds) a frogfish the size a peanut. So cute!


Here I am going to type some background information on diving in Egypt.


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This website is under construction…

Hi,   when you are reading this means (to me) that you are reading and watching my website. Please be patient with me, because building this new website is a lot of homework. Building websites is not my day to day work, so I’m learning new things every day while building this website. When I…

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First dive with Olympus Pen 7

We just came back out of the water. We made an amazing dive in Zeeland at the location Kerkweg. We were practicing for the Zeeuws Championship Underwater photography. And practice is certainly needed! Because I recently purchased a new camera for taking pictures under water! An Olympus Pen-7. An absolutely gorgeous camera and a delight…

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Day 1 – Zeeuws Championship Underwater Photography

I have decided, I am going to participate in this Championship! Paid the fee and administered. This Championship is intended for starting under water photographers. I have to (try) and take 2 category pictures. The first category is a manditory Theme: Yellyfish and the second category is best picture. The Competition will be held on 2…

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