Holiday and a neck hernia (21 September 2014)

Wijde Mantel, Oosterschelde


This has to happen to me! Moments before my holiday I have some trouble with a nerve compression in my neck, a neck-hernia!

What kind of complaints this gives? Pain, a lot of pain! Togehter with the fysical therapist we have been working hard and verry slowly there is an improvement!
From using real heavy painkillers, back to the normal ones and somethimes even without any.

Sleeping, to lay on your side, things that are so normal, but which I now can appreciate so much! Today I was happy that I coul stay on my side like 20 seconds.
What small things somethimes can make a person happy.

Something else what made me happy today is dat despite the neck hernia I was able to go diving. Marcel, my husband, carried my gear over the dyke. I geared up in the water.
No carrying. Off course I brought the camara to show the world the beauty of Zeeland!

Thank you Marcel, could not have done it without you!